Meagan Ellwood

Senior Manager, Marketing Insights, ATB Financial

Meagan Ellwood is a Senior Manager of Marketing Insights at ATB Financial, in Calgary AB. She is a results-driven Strategic Marketing Manager with 10+ years of experience delivering profitable ROI on national and global campaigns. Expertise in implementing insights into data-driven strategies, multichannel campaign management, and driving quality leads through the consumer funnel. Advocate for integrating AI for enhanced strategies and ready to harness the power of marketing technology to usher in the future of marketing.

Session: Rebranding with Confidence: Leveraging Insights for Brand Launch

The journey towards a successful rebrand is not always simple and linear. Businesses need to understand how to harness a comprehensive marketing and consumer insights toolkit, in order to enhance confidence and de-risk such a substantial investment. Furthermore, it is imperative that the new brand narrative resonates with the intended audience. Join ATB Financial and True Impact in exploring the key elements behind brand success, and understanding how a balanced approach to measuring impact can provide a holistic view of brand resonance and audience engagement. We will also discuss: - How to create a new visual identity, by strategically applying neuro-design insights and predictive eye tracking. - The nuanced decision-making processes that guide when and where predictive tools and neuromarketing principles can be most effectively employed to ensure branding success. - The value of measurement, as it pertains to validating brand success through qualitative and quantitative metrics.