Stacey Kinley

SVP, Maru/Matchbox

A veteran researcher of more than 20 years, Stacey currently leads Strategy and Development for the Energy & Utilities vertical at Maru, building research programs and customer communities for technology, consumer goods, retail and utility clients. Stacey is a seasoned moderator who has conducted thousands of focus groups, IDIs and online discussions across a range of topics and categories.

Session: Understanding How Fast Implicit Alignment Drives Behaviour

Building from the wealth of work conducted in behavioural science academia over the past 20 years, we performed quantitative research-on-research studies to demonstrate the strength of the relationship of fast implicit data with consumer behaviour. While many brands recognize the importance of implicit data, the strength of the relationship with behaviour needs to be more understood and valued. We demonstrate and affirm the work in academia that consumers' fast implicit responses are measurable predictors of behaviour and inextricably related. For brands, this provides insight into the consumer heuristic and reveals how to impact behaviour directly and meaningfully.