Luc Dumont

Senior Vice-President, Consumer Insights, Leger

Luc, Senior Vice-President, Consumer Insights, has been part of the Leger team since 2006. He has more than 25 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative market research, notably in customer experience, usability, product development and innovation studies. Luc is a seasoned focus group moderator and, throughout his long career, has been called upon to conduct qualitative research in several countries. His mission is to help Leger clients create and adapt experiential strategies to build customer loyalty and strengthen brand attachment.

Session: Consumerism in Flux: Navigating Purchase Behaviour in Canada's Affordability Crisis

The affordability crisis is more than a financial challenge for Canadians; it's transforming their lifestyles and values. This presentation, backed by Leger's extensive multi-year research, will explore how inflation is impacting mental health, retail habits, online shopping, and travel decisions. We'll reveal how Canadians are adapting, with a focus on changing brand loyalties and the emergence of the "frugal is cool" trend. Utilizing Leger's cutting-edge analytics, we'll offer insights into various industry sectors, addressing the broader implications for consumer behavior and future life perspectives in Canada.