Shawn Ashley

Director, Advisory, The Experience Advisors

Shawn Ashley is an MBA and Lean Six Sigma accredited, international leader in management consulting with a strong passion and focus on Customer Experience (“CX”) and Human-Centered Design. He has an exemplary record of identifying client requirements, advising, and delivering custom programs designed to catapult employee and customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profit. With an analytical mindset, Shawn can analyze customer, organizational and market research data and produce insight-driven reports and recommendations for presentation to stakeholders across all levels. Shawn specializes in marrying the emotionally driven experiences impacting customer behaviour with the operationally driven infrastructure supporting the delivery of memorable interactions.

Session: Journey to Excellence: Harnessing Insights to Forge Remarkable Experiences and Empower Team Success

Join us for an informative presentation by The Experience Advisors as we explore the crucial role of insights in a comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) project. In this session, we will share practical insights from our engagement with a prominent Canadian insurance provider, demonstrating the real-world impact of these practices. Our presentation will delve into the significance of insights derived from a combination of qualitative and quantitative studies, such as focus groups, surveys, and interviews with both customers and employees. These insights have played a pivotal role in shaping our client's CX strategy, and we'll showcase their practical application. Discover how your organization can redefine its approach to delivering exceptional customer experiences by leveraging historical data and valuable feedback from customers and employees. We will provide actionable insights to help you achieve this goal. Our presentation will also shed light on the process of translating your CX vision and guiding principles into tangible strategies and effective training, all driven by these invaluable insights. Join us for this enlightening session to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of insights in the realm of CX. Take away practical knowledge that can enhance your organization's approach to delivering exceptional customer experiences.